Couples & Relationship Therapy

couples relationships therapySince I became a psychologist, I have been providing treatment for couples and spouses. When couples come to my office, they often say that they have been having the same arguments over and over again. They cannot seem to get past these reoccurring conflicts. They feel stuck.

My job as a relationship therapist is to help my clients to uncover the deeper meaning behind these conflicts. What is each partner truly experiencing and feeling? What might they be struggling to express? If conflicts reoccur, then they must be important somehow, so what is this importance?

I work with my clients on their communication skills and their problem solving skills. I encourage each partner to be more open and vulnerable with the other. I believe that mutual empathy is an essential aspect of any strong relationship, so I work with individuals to better understand what their partners are experiencing. In this environment of increased empathy and vulnerability and healthier communication, I have seen many couples transcend their day-to-day struggles, and connect with each other in new and profound ways.

In addition I have a lot of experience treating couples that have been affected by issues including alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction, and infidelity.



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